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Emergency Monster Team Update  Ver 0.103.1 (Fixed game breaking issues)

This story takes place after “Emergency! Monster Team: Chapter 0.”

Nadel is a Berserker Paramedic who is headed back to work after the events of the "Pipe Man" took place in the monster city of Dendsville. The city is on high alert, so the hospital director has asked her to work inside for the evening. She’s tasked with helping the staff and patients.

Created by Victor James Toro  http://torocomics.com 

Editing and extra help Marion N. Toro  http://mariontoro.com

Chibuzo “A. Lisa” Akaolisa singer of the theme song https://soundcloud.com/mahogany-defined

Aarti Jainath Play Testing and design consulting http://www.aarti-art.nl/

Eric Matyas’ music http://soundimage.org/

Guest character "Lexi" created by S.J. Barinka https://www.instagram.com/sjbarinkaart/

Update Information:
Hi everyone, since the last version of Emergency Monster Team, I’ve made some massive updates. This included text, font, story, art and missions. ** Play Time: 1hr+  (Speed Run) to 1-2 Hours (Exploring/Clicking  everything)

New Nadel:
This version of Nadel is updated to match the current way I draw her. I also edited her walking animations to make it a bit easier for me to do updates. The overall plan will be for her to have various costume swaps or outfits that change with her story or her finding hidden ones. You can open her closet in the bedroom to see the Beta version of Nadel.

 New UI: I wanted the UI to be a bit more simple, but not the standards white border that comes with RPG Maker. I think it fits for now.

 New Icons:
I made some new pixel art icons. Some are edited versions of the base RPG Maker icons, others are more original versions that fit with the custom items I created.

New Music:
I added the full theme song “Someone There for Me” by Chibuzo at the title screen and later in the game. The music for Nadel’s Apartment and Gift Shop are simple beat loops I made as a placeholder for now. 

The outside beat was created by my brother Fernando Toro. I also made some other adjustments to the songs played in Lanoir’s Office and the Operation Level.

 New Items:
These were added in the game to help with some of the harder fights that can take place now.

 Two new battles:
Vendi: a multi limbed monster found on the 3rd floor that you need to defeat to progress the story.

Latrine: a monster found in the first floor bathroom that stays locked till you have a 3 member party and complete the small quest to gain access.


There is now a point and click operation in the game after you find all the bones for the Old Skeleton.

New Interactions:
I added more interactions with the staff members and NPCs. They can change based on having Mika and Bonita in your party.
Some interactions are locked based on who you have in your party. 
You can also see the party members following you now.

New Sound Effects:
There are some new sound effects I added to bring more depth to various scenes. 

New character: 
I’ve added a new character towards the end of the demo. 

The demo has an actual ending after you complete all the story missions. There’s a bunch of other smaller updates I did for the game and if you played the previous version you’ll see them. Please enjoy and post and share.

Overall this has been a major task. I've learned a lot about making games working on this project and I intend to add lots more content. The game is currently free to play, but donations are encouraged. As I move forward I might add in some guest characters down the line.

Thanks for playing,
Victor James Toro


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Tried to used Needle Gun and crashed the game:

oh wow that’s strange. What version did it crash in? OSX, PC? 

Mac OS X.

Okay, I'll have to probably have to open the program in OSX then export it from there to fix the issue. MV seems to have an issue where when exporting from Windows to OSX it glitches.

Which battle did this happen in? I was playing through and haven't had the issue.

I think the very first one. I can try playing it again to double check.

It's been a while since then, but I fixed the issue with the battles and everything should be good in this version.