A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You wake up not knowing who you are and hearing disturbing sounds. You're on a misty road at night and the only option is for you to move forward.

This is Chapter 0 of "EMERGENCY! Monster Team" a Visual Novel filled with Blood, Monster Women, and a start of a mystery to find who you are.

This game contains Blood, Violence, Horror, and Adult Language


Marion Toro The voice of Terra Cotta and Nadel http://isis-kain.wixsite.com/voice/works

Chibuzo “A. Lisa” Akaolisa singer of the theme song https://soundcloud.com/a-lisa-1122

Aarti Jainath Play Testing and design consulting http://www.aarti-art.nl/

Eric Matyas’ music http://soundimage.org/

Built in TYRANOBUILDER site http://tyranobuilder.com/

**We have a voice actor lined up for the role of Apex, but due to the serious issues in Puerto Rico she is not able to record yet and we are saving the role for her.**

Install instructions

In the downloadable file there is a Mac and PC version of the Visual Novel.

Default screen size is 1600 x 900 and should be able to be resized as needed.


EMT_OSX_Chapter_0.zip 124 MB
EMT_PC_Chapter_0.zip 121 MB

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